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6 Weeks to Become a Rowing Rockstar

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Coronavirus is quickly teaching us the importance of being fit, healthy and strong. Our lives may quite literally depend on it at this moment.  Rowing can be the perfect vehicle to achieve that fitness, IF you do it consistently AND correctly. 


RowReady is the perfect program to make this transformation happen with its:

  • Progressive workouts (24 in all, never the same workout twice!)
  • Drills paired with each workout
  • Video intros to explain each workout and monitor setup 
  • Row-along videos for each drill 
  • Logbook to track your results

The world is on a global pause right now. Will you spend that time spinning your (fly)wheels with random free workouts, or will you follow RowReady's progressive training plan and become a new, more powerful you?

Pay in Full
Payment Plan

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You're stuck at home with coronavirus restrictions and bought a rowing machine to help you get through. It seemed like a good idea at the time but  you're not sure where to start. 
  • You finally found your old machine under a pile of clothes. Now you're craving structure and a plan to help you make something good out of this downtime.

  • You've watched a million videos online hoping to learn the technique, but all you've gotten is confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.  

  • All those videos make rowing look like it's only for serious athletes who just want to do lung-pounding, gut-busting workouts. That's not you.  

  • You've recently had a life change or a big birthday. You're looking for something that will be easier on your body. Rowing seems like it COULD be a great option but you're afraid of getting hurt.  

What If All Of That Could Change?

  • What if ... instead of feeling lost and scared you could ground yourself in your fitness and come out the other side of this crisis fitter, stronger and more powerful. Not just physically but mentally?

  • What if ... instead of feeling scared, overwhelmed and stuck in your rowing you could KNOW that you're rowing well, consistently, and getting the results you want?

  • What if ... instead of taking your chances with random videos and websites - or uncertified trainers on social media - you could be coached by the best in the business: A UCanRow2 master instructor who is fully certified and has decades of experience coaching people just like you?

  • And what if ... you could do it online, FROM ANYWHERE


    We created RowReady On Demand precisely to make all of that possible.

With RowReady on Demand You Get

  • 6 weeks of progressive rowing workouts 3-4 workouts per week. Know exactly what to do and when to do it to achieve your fitness goals.  
  • A printable workout guide that you can take with you to your rowing machine and use to track your results over time.  
  • Technique videos you can follow along with that will get you rowing well and without injury NOW. All the technique you need, with nothing you don’t as a beginner.  
  • Intro videos for every workout that will show you EXACTLY how to set the workout up, what to focus on, and how it's helping you be a better rower.
I'm Ready for RowReady! (Pay in Full)
I'm Ready for RowReady! (Payment Plan)

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The reviews for RowReady are in!

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Wendy Kiska

I loved the course. I have and continued to recommend it to almost everyone I meet who either rows or is interested in rowing. My technique improved tremendously, and I know to design workouts of all types. I row an average 10-12k daily now and owe all of that to the program... for making rowing fun, challenging, and an obsession.

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Pat Tirone

I keep repeating the program. It gives me tons of food for thought for my own coaching. I love the videos that are so thoughtfully done and really careful and accurate information given in them. And the info is presented so clearly - it's so easy to follow and understand. Great for new rowers and I use ideas myself for when I'm coaching Masters and Juniors to sculling.
Thank you for your phenomenal work.

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Marvin Berkowitz

Loved it! Finally found something I can do to take the place of the running I used to do.
Inspired me! Great job!

Here's what's included:


Cassi Niemann is a master instructor for UCanRow2 and a Starting Strength Coach. She's been coaching rowing and rowing herself for some 20 years.

Cassi is committed to helping people of all ages and capabilities build stronger, more useful bodies through conditioning and strength training.

She is a competitive powerlifter and novice strongman athlete, as well as a masters rower with the Virginia Boat Club.  

Why NOW IS THE TIME to Get #RowReady 

  • The coronavirus pandemic is quickly teaching us how ESSENTIAL it is to maintain good health and fitness. In fact, our very lives may depend on it.

  • Rowing - when done correctly - is the quickest, most efficient way to get healthy and strong, and stay that way even as we get older.
  • RowReady's progressive, programmatic approach to workouts takes all the thinking and stress out of fitness for you. Just follow the plan and you'll see marked improvement when you're done. Or your money back!

Who is RowReady for?

  • New rowers who may also be newer to fitness, or looking to get back in shape after a time away.
  • More experienced rowers who want a technique refresh using workouts that are programmed by an expert  
  • People who are transitioning away from high-impact sports like running, but who still want to be challenged  
  • Fitness professionals who work with any of the above, or who would like to introduce rowing at their facility  
  • Anyone who wants a done-for-you, progressive rowing program that's ready to go and that is designed to give measurable progress by the end

BONUS JUST ADDED! Personalized Technique Review

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Learn From the Best, At the Best Price

#RowReady is your chance to learn directly from the best in the business, at the most affordable price. 

The mistake many new rowers make is thinking they can "just Google it" and find the right answers.

But how do you know who to trust, or if the advice is right for you?

The fact is, there's an endless stream of content online that's completely inappropriate for the beginning rower.

What to do?

You could hire a personal trainer to help you.That can easily cost $500-$1000 or more.

And have they been certified specifically to teach rowing? Probably not.

At UCanRow2 we've worked with thousands of new rowers and their coaches.

And we've spent 10 years developing programming that is appropriate for athletes of all ages, stages and fitness levels.  

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SIGN ME UP! (Payment Plan)

What Our Past Students Say

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Tensi Parsons

The workout was fun for novices and experienced rowers alike, and the goal of the workout I feel was very understandable, illustrated well, and obtainable. And it made for a good sweat."  

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Wendy Kiska

Cassi's explanation were fabulous and the videos each week were super helpful. And the drills were just awesome! I learned so much with the single leg drill, particularly with regard to how my current injury was changing my technique and why I was suddenly was getting discomfort on the rower (after years of rowing).

Using the drills as resets during rest pieces was a great insight and I do it all the time now. I was highly motivated by Cassi and now am thinking about exploring rowing even more fervently... not sure how I could ever be a master trainer/rower but I'd like to set my sights there!

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Denise Milano

RowReady was a great value and learning experience.

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